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So I Woke up, Not remembering what happend.
I woke up in the middle of the ocean on a door.
As I Paddle to swim back.
I Giant Unicorn Came about & Splashed a giant wave Thats the size of 18 Stories.
& Growled with Fierce Anger & Hatred.
It turns out, It was pissed cause I Slept with It & Never called back
So then later on that day. I saw It at the zoo, & It Turned the zoo into A Cemetery. Zombies Jumped out of the grown & Sprinted towards me. So I Quickly Shot an ocean of apple juice Towards the ground & Drowned them, & Used a giant pop tart a Surface & Used the apple juice to Float me upwards, Then As I Rapidly Floated towards Its Jumped With Extreme Momentum & With all my might, I Sliced its horn In have The Blade Of Magical Wonders,& Then, ut passed out so, I Took him to my layer, & 2 other Rhinos (Because those are just ugly unicorns) & Stichee The Unicorns Asshole & The Rhinos mouth, & So on that rhino, to the other.
& Behold..
The Animalistic Tripod!
Hehehe! <3
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Bag O' Bread & A Baby Bottle - MrThroatRape

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Im Not Jesus Christ….But I Can Turn Water…Into Kool-Aid.
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